Discovering Narbonne, A walk through the town in twelve stages

découvrir Narbonne, editions l'an demain
Titre : Discovering Narbonne, A walk through the town in twelve stages
Auteur : Martin Guillemot
Traduction : Marguerite Paffard et Claude Bernaus
32 pages
21 cm  x 29,7 cm
ISBN : 979-10-92610-30-7
Prix : 9,90 euros
Éditions L’An Demain

Presentation :
The discovery of a town steeped in history is always an emotional journey and is best
undertaken following a guided path which helps us interpret the signs of the past. Over the centuries Narbonne developed, sometimes being rebuilt on the same foundations
within the constraints of its walls and at times from its own ruins. All is present but much is hidden from view. The raison d’être of this book is to guide the visitor on an exploration of the town.
Twelve Stages in space : this guide invites you to discover the town by providing a walking itinerary which can be completed in a few hours or dipped into at leisure.
Twelve stages in time : each stop is illustrated by a simple description of the elements and events which have forged the history of the sites visited.  Few people are left indifferent to the story of Narbonne. If you do not yet know the town and its history you will not be disappointed; the discovery is a beautiful adventure.
Martin Guillemot